Natural Vision Improvement Strategies To Prevent Vision Loss

Contrary to popular belief, a lifetime of wearing your glasses and contact lenses does not have to be your fate. There are natural ways and techniques to keep your vision healthy and strong. These techniques can either help you to reduce your dependency on your glasses, or even in some cases, completely eliminate them. These natural techniques can increase the focusing power of the eyes for better natural vision without glasses. With the regular and consistent practice of these fun, simple and easy to perform eye exercise techniques you can improve the natural function of your visual system and stop the vicious cycle of stronger prescriptions and weaker eyes. Eye exercises are just one particular method of improving your vision naturally without glasses. Nutrition is also an equally important aspect of a program that helps you to improve your vision naturally.

Many people simply accept that weak eyesight is a natural part of the aging process and don’t take the time to explore natural alternatives. Others only become concerned about issues related to vision loss only until their eyesight becomes extremely poor. 3 key factors are responsible for poor eyesight.

1. Weakened eye muscles resulting from many years of excessive close up work that cause a buildup of stress and tension in the eye muscles. This weakens the focusing power of the eye muscles. When it comes to natural alternatives to solving your vision problems eye exercises can help repair damage done to the visual system as a result of excessive close up work. These techniques help to re-build the focusing power of the eyes and release stress and strain in the eye muscles for better vision.

2. Another cause of poor eyesight is stress and tension in the eyes related to emotional, physical and mental stress.

3. Also, a nutritional deficiency is one of the major causes of vision loss. This is due to the fact that the quality of our eye health is reflected in the quality of the types of foods that we eat. What we eat can either end up making our vision better or it can end up making our eyesight poor.

The body is resilient and has the ability to heal and repair itself provided that it is supplied with exercise and the right nutrition. Therefore, here are some nutritional strategies to prevent vision loss. First of all, cut back significantly on your consumption of sugar, as sugar causes damage to the blood vessels of the eyes. In terms of a diet to improve eyesight, focus on eating foods rich in carotenoids and Vitamin A. An example of foods rich in these nutrients include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, garden peas, chicken liver, kale, spinach, collard greens, zucchini, turnip greens, elderberries and corn to name few.

These foods consist of important vision supporting nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential in maintaining and promoting better vision. Eye exercises are an effective alternative to glasses, contacts and laser surgery in solving vision problems. While traditional methods of vision correction are popular they never correct the underlying causes of your vision conditions- nutritional deficiencies- stress and tension in the eyes and weakened eye muscles. Eye exercises are a natural vision correction alternative that do help you to re-build and maintain stronger and healthier eyes for years to come.

My name is Joel King and I am a City College Broadcasting graduate and natural vision improvement success story. I enjoy writing helpful articles based on my course of studies at City College, and the knowledge, research and experience I have gained from trying natural eyesight improvement alternatives to glasses and contacts. Reduce or even eliminate your dependency on glasses with this effective natural eye care program that shows you to relieve eye strain. Also enjoy the easy to follow vision exercise techniques that lead to clearer, sharper, better, natural vision.

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